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Can anyone deny the fact that more often than not, a successful date begins with a wealthy man finding a beautiful woman? SugarDaddyForMe was created for just this purpose—to pair the best matches. Beautiful and attractive girls or women can find the best successful and matured men who can cater to their needs. Sugar Daddy For Me helps beautiful women and wealthy men find each other to begin a successful relationship without any strings attached. Success testimonial stories have revealed that many couples found each other through SugarDaddyForMe.


  • SugarDaddyForMe was launched in 2004 and has over four million members till date. At any given point in time, one can surely find at least 2,000 visitors online. Imagine the quantity of quality profiles that you can access. That is one added advantage of Sugar Daddy For Me over other sugar relationship websites.

  • Statistics have shown that around 72% of users come from the United States alone, whereas Canada stands at number two with 6% users. You can find your sugar daddy or baby from your nearby location, but the percentage of chances increase, if you’re looking for someone from the United States. Users coming to this website are also looking for Sugar Mommas. That’s good news for sugar babies with kids, who can still get a chance to be pampered by a wealthy man.

  • Another added advantage of SugarDaddyForMe is the higher level of education found in sugar babies. Most of them are well educated at or above college level, which signifies that you will surely find an intelligent girl or woman to take care of, who is ready for a relationship that is deemed fit mutually.

    Free Membership

  • The standard membership is free for any user and they are allowed a trial access for three full days. In these three days, users can navigate through the entire website and check out all of its features. After three days of trial feature expires, one would need to upgrade their membership by paying a monthly service fee.

  • Mostly it has been noted that sugar babies are the ones who sign up for free, but it’s not obligatory as such. Men can sign up for free as well to browse the features, services and sugar baby quality. Some sugar babies, even sign up in SugarDaddyForMe to find Allowance Daddies. The Allowance Daddies are the ones who take the entire care of the sugar babies’ allowance expenditures, for some comfortable and satisfying favor in return.

    Premium Membership

  • This membership exists only for the wealthy men looking forward to a millionaire dating format. Wealthy dating comes at a price for wealthy men. However, the paid membership opens all doors of love, companionship, comfort, satisfaction, etc for the sugar daddies, without having to commit themselves to any marital promises or getting any heart aches in a relationship.

  • The paid membership contains the real potential for finding a true sugar baby, daddy or momma. One can send a chat message to interested lovers or use instant messaging services as well. SugarDaddyForMe has a specially designed digital algorithm that deals with smart matches. Smart matches function by comparing the concerned user’s profile with other millions of profiles to find the best match that will be a guaranteed success. Paid members’ profiles are scintillated in the local search results and they can even attend the SugarDaddyForMe events to meet babies, daddies and mommas for real. Searching is easy for premium members, with the availability of classifications such as: age, sex, location, currently online, etc and the advanced search option puts in even more filters such as: height, weight, marital status, birthday, etc.


  • SugarDaddyForMe allows the initial users to access the website for free for three days for getting themselves acquainted with the website. An access crossing three days must be paid for and the premium membership will make you forget about your luck, and get you directly connected to the right person(s) with the aid of a digitally generated algorithm.

  • There is a Silver Membership available at $29.95 per month and a Gold Membership that can be accessed at $34.95 a month. An administration fee is also charged at $4.95 and the total features of the website can only be fully unlocked by paying an extra monthly charge of $14.95. The modes of payment include: credit card, online check and money order.


    Sugar Daddy For Me is a great online sugar relationship service that should be bookmarked if you’re serious about finding the most perfect sugar baby, daddy or momma. Though the free access only allows you enough time for acquaintance with the services, the premium membership will give you exactly what you’ve always been looking for.

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