Even The World's Most Influential Man Can Be Brought Down By A Woman

They are the two men that have made headlines in the American history- Trump Clinton sugar daddy. Yes, they have beautiful families but it seems they can’t get enough of women. In a recent interview, Donald stated that it is not in his bucket list to look after his children as they grow up, so long as they are financially satisfied, he is okay with that. “That is work left done by their mother,” he was heard saying. Perhaps this is why he gets enough time to pry after some hotty as the wife indulges herself with attending to their children.

Bill Clinton has a lot to carry in his back too. His past affairs have gone on to haunt him and needless to say, have got some nerves. His legal wife, Hillary Clinton has gone through a lot but is still going strong. Infact, her recent race for presidency is a great milestone for a woman, not being sexist though. He has gone on to amass for himself publicity for wrong reasons. But man is to err, right? Who are we to judge him?

Between the two prolific personalities, who is the best sugar daddy? It seems both know the game so well and will prove difficult to single out the winner.

Bill Clinton
He is the 42nd president of the United States of America. He seemed to have a way with women and many have gone on to brand him as a sex addict. He is accused of sexually harassing Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones claims he has since dismissed. Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers are the two women he publicly admitted to have dated. His extramarital relationships put his career at stake but it seems this guy has a way of coming out a winner since he retained his presidency. Wonder how this man convinced the Americans that he was still the best despite the setbacks that were taking a toll on him. Eleanor Mondale doesn’t miss out on this category along with a long list of other women who are said to have made out with this powerful man.

Donald Trump
He has even gone on to profess his love for curvaceous ladies on live television. What’s more, he gave a remark about his daughter, Ivanka posing nude on the Playboy. He even praised his daughter’s body to the point of him saying that he’d date her if she wasn’t his daughter. How gross is that! His previous marriages have also failed because of his adulterous lifestyle. During his presidential campaigns early this year, he bragged of going to bed with numerous married women and it seems he is proud of it. Do you think his marriage to Melania Trump will do away with his erotic behaviors? That we are yet to discover from the way he will carry himself in the White house. However, once an adulterer always an adulterer.

From the way the two moguls carry themselves with women, Donald Trump beats it all. This is because he divorces the former wife just to formalize his relationship with the new side dish. As if that isn’t enough, he still goes hunting for more and the trend goes on and on. Do you know how he met Melania Trump? They met at a fashion party in 1998 and despite him being with someone else at that time; Donald went on to approach her asking for her number. Don’t you think that is going overboard? From that, you can decipher how much a go-getter Donald Trump is with hot women.