Six Magical Questions That Will Make Your Sugar Relationship Last Longer

A sugar relationship is often considered as the easiest type of relationship by most people. That's because it mainly involves benefits being shared by both parties willingly. Unfortunately, that's not always the case because this type of relationship is not any different from a normal relationship. In fact, arguments, misunderstandings, and breakups are bound to occur if you fail to learn everything there is to know about your sugar partner.

Therefore, if you are a sugar baby seeking arrangement or a sugar daddy in search of a young companion, below are some great questions you can ask to ensure the longevity of your sugar dating relationship;

Questions for your Sugar Daddy

As a sugar baby, it's not always about getting the job done or meeting your sugar daddy's needs. It's more about understanding what makes him happy and upbeat. You can find out all these by asking him these questions face to face or on the sugar daddy website.

1. Why does he want a Sugar baby (a young lady companion)?

This is the best startup question for any interactive "get to know each other" moment. That's because it's a loaded question that can lead to many more interesting follow-up questions, answers, and discussions.

2. Does he have any experience in sugar daddy dating relationships?

If the answer is No, you can ask him about how he envisions this type of relationship. On the other hand, if he says Yes, you can ask about the type of arrangements he had in the previous relationship and the things that made the dating process fun or displeasing for him - this way you'll be able to know what to do and what not to do when dealing with your sugar daddy.

3. Are there any places he would be uncomfortable being seen together with you?

When you are seeking arrangement, it's always advisable to show discretion and concern for his privacy. This makes the relationship safe for him to pursue without any worries or fear of exposure and criticism.

Questions for your Sugar Baby

On the other side of the table, as a sugar daddy, you are also expected to ask a few questions to ensure that you understand your sugar baby's needs. You can ask her the following questions;

1. Why is she seeking a sugar daddy dating relationship instead of the traditional relationship?

It is always important to know why she has opted to go into this type of relationship instead of the normal "boyfriend-girlfriend" relationship. That's because most young ladies have different reasons for wanting a sugar daddy. It may be for financial reasons, mentorship, emotional support or just looking for a father figure. It's always good to know which is which.

2. What does she expect her Sugar Daddy to provide for her?

Learning about her wants, needs, and expectations are usually the best ways to know how to keep her happy, loyal and by your side.

3. What can she offer you in return?

Once you've established her wants and needs, it's your turn to find out what makes her the perfect fit for you. What makes her stand out from other sugar babies and will she be able to meet your wants and needs too?

These are just a few questions that may make your sugar daddy dating relationship last longer and be more fun filled. For a sugar daddy, this would be the best way to find and keep a gorgeous sugar partner. While as a sugar baby, this is the only way to find the perfect sugar daddy for me.